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Terms and Conditions
of Enrolment and Participation in the Instituto Español “Murallas de Avila” (“IEMA”)

1. Reservation and Payment

1.a) To reserve a place and pay the initial deposit. In order to provide the requested services the client must send to IEMA

- the enrolment form containing information of the student along with the services which the client wishes IEMA to arrange by mail or e-mail
- and the initial payment (deposit) of 120 euros, unless another amount has been arranged.

The deposit has to be paid to the following bank account of IEMA:

Name Beneficiary: Instituto Español Murallas de Ávila
Name Banking institution: Banco de Bilbao y Vizcaya BBVA
Branch Office: calle Reyes Católicos 8, 05001-Ávila, Spain

IBAN nº: ES0801820170370201665239
Reference: (name of student)

The deposit can be also sent by postql order to the adresse of IEMA. The reservation will only be considered official when IEMA has received the enrolment form and deposit.

IEMA will issue the student an invoice showing the corresponding costs for services – teaching programme, cultural immersion specifying the requested option and other optional services. The invoice is in Spanish. The customer may request also versions in other languages: English, French, German, Italian or Japanese.

1.b)The balance (final payment: total amount of invoice less deposit) has to be received no later than two weeks before the start of the programme. As an exception, the balance may be paid by the person who takes the nooked services on hir/her arrival at school (please contact IEMA). The student can start his/her programme (course/s, accommodation, etc.) only once the complete booked programme has been paid. - All bank charges are at the expense of the student.

2. Insurances

2.a) Cancellation Insurance

IEMA recommends the client to take out a package travel insurance which generally covers lost of luggage, health problems, cancellations, etc.

However, when sending the deposit, a cancellation insurance can be taken out directly with IEMA. In this case, 132 euros has to be received. The amount of 12 euros included in this deposit guarantees the client the return of monies in the following cases:

- If the student suffers an accident or sickness in the week before the start of the programme which prevents him/her from participating in the course
- Or in case of death of a close relative immediately before taking the reserved services.

It is essential to inform IEMA immediately by telegram or burofax (sent by a post office) sending a letter of explanation together with a detailed medical certificate.

The insurance will be considered contracted once the payment together with initial deposit (total deposit with insurance: 132 euros) has been received. The repayment includes the total amounts paid except the insurance premium and bank expenses.

2.b) General Accident Insurance

From the moment of inscription the student has contracted accident insurance with minimal cover which is included in the total invoice. The student should know that the terms and conditions of this insurance are at the disposition of the client and that he can ask IEMA for the details of this insurance.

The client agrees that IEMA is responsible up to the amount of the cover and cannot ask IEMA to compensate for amounts greater than the maximum amount of cover.

If the client wishes to contract a greater cover of insurance then he/she must expressly contract for a greater amount with IEMA. The client should be aware that he/she can take out an insurance contract by himself/herself with a greater cover. The student may also request IEMA not to take out any insurance when registering, in which cases either the client, student or his/her representative agrees that no judicial process can be brought against IEMA if no insurance or insufficient cover is taken out.

2.c) General Health Insurance

IEMA offers health insurance for the student. The student can ask IEMA for the details of this insurance. If the student wants this contract he must tell IEMA the type of he requires. However, IEMA recommends the student to take out insurance in his own country.

3. Refunds

The final payment along with the initial payment will be refunded if IEMA due to any reason which IEMA could be held responsible for is unable to provide all the booked services or if the conditions of cancellation insurance (v.s.) come into effect.

The amount of the final payment will be refunded or the client or course participant will be exempted from payment only in the case of cancellation by telegram or burofax (Post office) up to 7 days before the registered arrival date in Avila.

In order to guarantee the efficiency of IEMA services, some require a minimum number of students. If for this reason a particular service cannot be provided or for other reasons which IEMA cannot be held responsible for, IEMA reserves the right to substitute this service for a similar one or offer another service of higher standard or to refund the corresponding amount.

4. Extra Fees

A single charge of 25 euros per client for administrative expenses will be added to the final bill (independently of the duration of the programme).

There is a fee of 5 € per person for each change of date or accommodation criteria.

Additional services may be booked “on site” depending on availability. The corresponding fee must be paid before taking the service.

The price of “¡Diviértete!” and “Gastronomy and Wines” covers the cost of classes given by teachers. It does not include food and beverages, since not all classes are conducted in the same way, and the cost of food and beverages may vary. For the same reason costs for entrance tickets for visits and excursions are also excluded.

5. Terms and Conditions concerning Accommodation

5.a) Homestay
(Practical Programme of Cultural Immersion)

A client staying with a host family must contact them personally or by a representative by telephone at least 4 days before the planned arrival date, to introduce him/herself and to give them precise details about arrival date and time. Should there be any problems, please contact IEMA.

IEMA does not offer a double room to people who do not know each other. If a client does not name his/her room-mate IEMA will automatically assign and invoice for a single room. For occupying double/twin rooms there are no restrictions of age or any other.

The prices for a transfer (from airport/meeting point/railway station/... to the place of accommodation in Ávila or returning) are not included in the prices for the accommodation. The client, who wants to use any type of transportation service, should consult IEMA for options.

5.b) Hotels/Apartments

IEMA is willing to help clients to make hotel reservations or rent flats or a room in a shared apartment. All corresponding costs (bail, running costs, cleaning…) the client has to pay directly to the hotel/flat owner.

6. Legal Information

By registering and carrying out payment, the enrolled student as well as the client accept the IEMA Conditions of Enrolment and Participation.

The parties are entitled to demand the execution of a contract of instruction before the beginning of the courses or classes.

IEMA declines any responsibility concerning inadequate behaviour of minors. Therefore, by reserving services for a minor, the legal guardian of the enrolled student assumes all responsibility for this person during his or her stay and accepts that IEMA, its employees and collaborators are free of any jurisdictional responsibility. The legal guardian includes these statements in a additional declaration and states that he will not make any jurisdictional claims against IEMA, its collaborators or its employees, sending this declaration by fax or post to IEMA before the start of the programme.

On public holidays in Avila there are no classes according to the law; refunds or compensations are not possible. Extra curricular activities are available. Due to the fact that the Spanish Administration does not always publish in due time all the dates of the 14 legal public holidays per year and due to the ban by law to teach on public holidays (moving lessons from holidays to other dates is banned) it may occur exceptionally that IEMA is not able to teach on certain dates. IEMA therefore recommends clients enquire with IEMA and the Spanish Administration if there is any public holiday during the period of the course.

IEMA is not responsible for activities held outside the IEMA building or accidents that might occur, especially concerning excursions, transfers, hotels, sports, and any activities outside the school building and host family´s home, etc.

If a person does not enrol directly with IEMA but by means of an intermediary (e.g. agency or a person offering services similar to an agency), the enrolled person is therefore the client of this intermediary. In this case, IEMA declines any responsibility concerning the enrolled student.

It is necessary that clients and students confirm with IEMA in detail before enrolment all fees, dates and conditions in relation with the services to be booked (for example also concerning teaching material, books, certificates etc.) in order to avoid misunderstandings or error.

Data protection. IEMA is correctly registered at the Agencia Española de Protección de Datos. In order to provide a proficient service for the client, IEMA requests on the enrolment form certain personal data. The client may request IEMA to change or eliminate these data any time s/he wishes.

In case of a lawsuit, all parties relinquish their court of jurisdiction and accept the court of jurisdiction of Avila.

Name of Company: Instituto Español Murallas de Avila
Holder: Dr. Rainer Rutkowski
Head Office and School Address: C/Martín Carramolino, 6, E-05001 Avila, Spain
Commercial Registration Number : T67, Lib.25, f.121, AV-1359
Fiscal Identification Number C.I.F. : B-05133244

7. Other Information

One week before arrival the enrolled student has to do the "online exam" at www.iema.com/examen. This is necessary for the placement of the student. IEMA reserves the right to operate any further examination/level test, for example at the beginning or during the course, if this could be helpful for the student.

In cases of extreme urgency there is a special number students can call. If a student wishes to use this free service please contact the secretary of IEMA.

Depending on the course and programme type, there are different certificates and diplomas. These depend on the type of course, and may or not have academic validity. Please inform yourself at IEMA office about the various diplomas and certificates. - A certificat of attendance (minimum of attendance: 90%) is included in the price of the course, the fee for a qualified certification is 25 euros. Upon request, IEMA certifies the Spanish level of the student in his European Language Portfolio.

The student or his tutor/guardian agree to read prior to booking the description of the corresponding services, the price list and also the section “FAQ“ at www.iema.com.

When enrolling in a IEMA programme, the client and the participant, or in case of minor participants his/her legal guardian, consent tacitly that photos or videos of the participants may be taken during the programme, on which may be shown the students and which may be published. If the client or participant are not willing to agree with these conditions it is necessary to object in written which has to be received by IEMA via telegram or bureau fax.

Transfer. If the client wishes to be met at Madrid or Valladolid airport he/she has to make sure that the school secretary receives this information no later than 4 days before being met at the airport the following information: arrival airport (Madrid or Valladolid), Date and time of landing, terminal number, name of airline, flight number, city of last stop over of the flight to Madrid or Valladolid. If the information is not complete or incorrect or if the flight is cancelled IEMA is not able to guarantee the transfer and the responsibility for getting to Avila is not IEMA´s. In this case reimbursement is not possible. If the student meets the driver later than 60 minutes after the scheduled arrival time IEMA has to charge the student 10 euros per each new unit of half an hour.

In case of a programme arranged through an agent or in case of a group programme (“group” means a greater number than two people who receive the same programme at the same time) then will come into effect, apart from these conditions, special conditions agreed with each specific group or agency.

The student must inform himself prior to arrival in Spain at the Spanish Embassy / Consulate about the current entry requirements (visa, medical insurance, etc.).

If the client is not informed of any changes, the student must report to school on the first day of the course at 9.00am at the following address: Calle Martín Carramolino, 6, Avila, Spain.

IEMA, represented by Dr. Rainer Rutkowski, is committed to offering the student services according to the conditions given previously which are shown in the corresponding invoice, and thus forms part of this contract. The student should be aware that IEMA has available the time table of the classes, its duration and the description of the evaluation method and the teaching material. The students may ask for these details, also for the IEMA system of quality control and student satisfaction: student may ask for corresponding information and forms at school secretary during opening hours.

Contact (in Spanish, English, French, German, Portuguese or Italian):
School principal in charge: Dr. Rainer Rutkowski
Contact person during opening hours: on working days Monday-Friday from 9.00am-2.00pm and 4.30pm-7.00pm.
Director of Studies: on working days Monday-Friday from 9.00am-2.00pm
Tel.: (0034) 920 222 773, E-Mail: see registration form.
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