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Avila, with its wealth of monuments and rich history, has a large variety of fiestas and cultural activities throughout the year which include festivals, cinema and theatre. Just a few examples include the huge medieval market in September which transforms the city into an enormous theatrical scene where all the citizens participate, numerous concerts of classical and modern music and the traditional fiestas or festivals with events such as the running of the bulls and other such timeless traditions that have been maintained for centuries.

Hereafter you will find just a selection of some of the festivals and events, not including the permanent events such as the weekly concerts, literature events and other permanent activities. Information on current events you will find at: www.andevamos.com, www.ocioavila.com, www.lienzonorte.es and www.avila360.es.
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Besides the many activities you can do in Avila (among other, see here: http://www.andevamos.com/ http://www.avila360.es/ http://www.lienzonorte.es/) IEMA offers for example:
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Spain Sings

“Spain Sings” is not a complete course; it consists of spontaneous activities. A very important part of a country´s culture is its own traditional and popular music. Using music as a means of transmitting Spanish culture also forms an important part in the learning of Spanish language.

“Spain sings” wants to bring you closer to Spain´s musical background in its different forms. This will take you on a journey through the world of Hispanic music and show you how flamenco rhythms are deeply rooted in the Spanish character, starting with “cante jondo”, “alegrías”, “rumbas”, “tanguillos” and “sevillanas”, also showing the indigenous music of Castilla and Leon through “jotas” and “romances” and continuing with the latest trends in pop and successful Spanish groups and soloists.

In these classes we will not only use music to improve your level of Spanish but also as an exercise in understanding our culture, allow our students to take their first steps in moving to these rhythms. A relaxed, playful and fun way of introducing you to the roots of Spanish music.

"¡Diviértete!" (“Enjoy yourself”)

“¡Diviértete!” tries to bring the student closer to the atmosphere of Ávila, out with the school´s teaching schedule and involves you in the life, tradition and character of the Spanish people. Learn about Ávila´s way of life. The nightlife, the culture and how to have a good time are parts of life that are difficult to get to know well unless you are shown by a native who will act as a guide and catalyst between the students and the real life of the town. “¡Diviértete!” is aimed at people between the ages of 18 and 40, although it is also for people who have exceeded this age and who are eternally young. The contents are diverse and range from getting to know the nightlife, to attending the theatre, cinema and other cultural activities.

Another aspect of “¡Diviértete!” is that it gives you the opportunity to try the local cuisine through tapas and cooking activities, where you will learn how to make paella, sangria, tortilla (Spanish omelette), cocido (traditional dish with boiled chickpeas, meat and other vegetables, etc.

We go out to dance and soak up the different atmospheres offered in the city, from jazz to disco music with stops for flamenco, salsa and pop along the way.

We meet once a week without a limit on the time as we never know what will happen during the night or what activity we will undertake. Through such a programme, we learn the importance of improvisation, one of the features of a typical Spanish character.

We can guarantee you will have fun and go back to your country with a better idea of Spanish reality, the personality of Spanish people and their way of having fun.

“¡Diviértete!” does not include drinks, food, tickets, etc. We all put our money together and make a “fondo” – another very typical and sociable Spanish custom.

An Introduction to the World of Spanish Wines

Spain is one of the most important wine producing countries in the world as much for its quantity and extensive range – there are more than 5000 wineries and 7000 labels – as it is for its quality.

We want you to discover Spanish wine-making and its specific vocabulary through the wines’ tasting, getting to know their origins and recognising different classifications and denominations etc. It is a very useful, interactive and enjoyable course. It includes typical Spanish activities, such as “el tapeo” (tasting tapas).

This course is aimed at those interested in acquiring a fundamental knowledge of Spanish viniculture, but really, at all lovers of wine.

This course is presented by Julio Delgado, one of the best Spanish sommelier, he was awarded "Nariz de Oro".
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Christmas Festivals and Celebrations
Concerts and Exhibitions of Nativity Scenes
Christmas and Handwork Products Fair
Musical Tuesdays
Cinema Wednesdays
Ecological Fridays
Centre of Mysticism (all year round)


Musical Tuesdays
Ecological Fridays
Cavalgate of Kings
Concert dedicated to the Day of Kings
Celebrations of Saint Anton


Musical Tuesdays
Cinema Wednesdays
Ecological Fridays
Disguise Competition
Carnival Dance
Burrial of the Sardine
Festivity of Saint Pedro Bautista
- Semana de la Mujer Cantaora


Musical Tuesdays
Wednesdays of Cinema
Ecological Fridays
Celebration of Holy Week
Concerts of Holy Week
Activities of peñas
Feria del Vino y Productos de la Tierra


"Feria del Vino y Productos de la Tierra"
"Certamen nacional Toques de la Pasión"
"Semana de la Ternera"
Musical Tuesdays
Theatre on the Walls
Festivity of Gregorian Singing
Ruta de Tapas de Vigilia


Regional Dancing
"Encuentro nacional de bolilleras"
"Feria del libro antiguo y de ocasión"
Garden Festivity
Sport Competitions
Great Round of Legends
Festivities of "Las Vacas"
Festivities of San Segundo
Festivity of Gregorian Singing
Days of Opened Doors
Demonstration of Regional Arts and Handwork


Competition "Pintura Rápida"
Competition "Fotografía Ciudad de Ávila"
"Jornadas polifónicas internacionales"
Concerts in the Municipal Auditorium of Saint Francisco
Tapas Competition
Big Round of Legends (during the week festival of the legends)
Theatre on the Walls
Corrida de Beneficencia
Semana Polifónica
Night Visit of the Walls (June-September)
Competition of Quick Painting
Medieval city guides


Cultural Summer: "Noches y Almenas"
International Street Theatre Festival
Summer activities for young people (workshops, championchips...)
“Ávila en Clave de Luna”
“Terrazas con otro aire”
"GREDOS - Músicos en la Naturaleza"
Antiques Fair
International Summer Academy of Music and Lienzo Norte Music Festival
International Show Jumping Competition
Summer Festivities:
-Cinema Nights
-Activities of Peña
Festivity of Saint Pedro Baustista
Fiestas del Carmen ("La Santa")
Theatre on the Walls
Musical Nights
Pottery Fair "Avialfar"
Medieval city guides


Noches y Almenas
“Terrazas con otro aire”
Summer activities for young people (workshops, championchips...)
“Ronda poética a la Muralla”
“Ávila a la Luz de las Velas“
"Abulensis - Festival Internacional de Música"
Concerts of Pop/Classical/Jazz Music
Week of Flamenco
Jazz in Candle Lights
Theatre on the Walls
National Craftsmanship Fair "Arteávila"
Medieval city guides


Big Medieval Market
Theatre on the Walls
“Patrimonio Escondido”
Big Week of Flamenco
Medieval city guides


Literary Mondays
Big Week of Flamenco
Festivities of Saint Teresa
"Premio de las Letras Teresa de Ávila"
Wine Tasting
Concerts of Pop Music
Week of Antigue Music
Medieval city guides


Theatre Festival
Festival Tomas Luís de Victoria
Literary Mondays
Wednesday of Cinema
Week of Jazz
Week of Female Flamenco Singer
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